Dave Bradshaw – KD2FVM


    • I attended the class for technician, and the test offered by Hams That Care, March 2, 2014.
    • In June of 2014 I upgraded to General Class!
    • In June 2015 I upgraded to Extra Class!
    • I have now become certified as a VE! first exam session¬†was 9/17/15 at
      the E.Greenbush Public Library! We had the pleasure of submitting 2 new Tech
      licences and one General upgrade!
    • I am now registered with the ARRL as an instructor. I am currently
      seeking others to join the ranks of instructors to start a General class,
      then an Extra class, to help those who using books alone are unable to
      confidently test for upgrades.
    • I have also joined the Schenectady County Amateur Radio Emergency
      Service ARES,and appointed as assistant EC.
    • In October of 2014 I was nominated and elected to the Schenectady
      Museum Amateur Radio Association (SMARA) board as  Vice President.
    • In June of 2015 I was nominated and elected to serve as a director on
      the board at the Schenectady Amateur Radio Association (SARA).