How to Prepare for Class

How to Prepare for Your Technician Class

One of the first questions we often get asked is “How should I prepare for the exam?”  Well if you’re familiar with the game of football, teams put together a game plan in preparation for their next opponent.  Based on our years of experience in the hobby we will present to you a game plan that will provide you a great chance to pass your Technician Class License.

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Study Material

  • All of the questions for your Technician Class Licensing exam come from a standard 394 Question Pool, of which only 35 will appear on your exam.
  • Our class uses the Gordon West Technician Class Manual.  It can be purchased online from multiple on-line vendors.   We provide links to aid you in purchasing the book.
  • There are many ways to obtain study information, such as the ARRL study manuals and online web sites.

How to Study or the “30 – 30 Method”

  • This is a fast paced, jam-packed review class.  You must study before the class to pass your licensing exam.
  • Once you have your manual you should immediately get a yellow highlighter and highlight the correct answers.   This will help focus you on only the correct materials.
  • A WORD OF CAUTION – don’t memorize the letter as the correct answer. It is possible that the exam can rearrange what letter is next to the correct answer.
  • Once you have gone through the entire book and highlighted everything you now can begin studying.
  • The 30 – 30 Method:
    • I recommend you take an average of 30 minutes each day for 30 days prior to the test in order to prepare for the exam.
    • One thing that has remained consistent throughout all of our previous classes: Those that put in the time to prepare, passed the test.

The Day Before The Class

  • At this point if you’ve studied, you are very close to passing your exam.
  • Take a break today by treating yourself to a good dinner or just relaxing with something you enjoy.
  • Get a good night’s rest.  This is a compressed class and everything moves swiftly

Bottom line: If you spend a little time studying, you will pass the exam.